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Are you looking for one-for-all bedding for your little pets? Do you need bedding for your rabbits, hamsters, birds and cats, but you are tired of running all over and having to buy for everyone separately? Well, then Cat’s Best Universal Cat Litter is all that. It is made of 100% natural evergreen fibres of fir and spruce trees and has an excellent absorbency that will be good for all, even for you, as it has a track record of locking in all odours, which will leave you with dust- and odour free litter that can be used for up to 7 weeks. One-Stop. No odours. Well, that already sounds like a good one-stop, now doesn’t it?

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The Cat’s Best Universal Cat Litter is an overall one buy bedding solution – whether you have small pets, like hamsters or rabbits, reptiles, birds or cats. It is a highly effective product with excellent absorbency, an important feature where little animals, which is sensitive to moisture, are concerned. It is especially useful around the places where water dispensers are placed and in areas where these pets relieve themselves. An added bonus is that the high absorbency also locks odours inside the fibres, leaving a natural wooden fragrance behind.

The absorption of Cat’s Best Universal is far superior to normal sawdust and wood-shaving products. It helps you keep your pet homes in good hygienic condition as only the finest natural raw material are used, which comes from evergreen spruce and fir trees, reserved for the production of Cat’s Best Universal only. And because it is 100% natural, it is also 100% eco-friendly and can easily biodegrade.

Note: The domestic toilet is not suitable for disposal.

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