Rosewood Treat ‘n Gnaw Donut

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Do you want to spoil your small animal and show him how to live his best life? Then treat your small pet with a Rosewood Treat ‘n Gnaw Donut, which is definitely a one of a kind treat. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to treat your pet with. He’ll never forget this gnaw treat, all thanks to you!

    Who doesn’t love a good donut? Well, your pet can get in on the action and enjoy his very own donut. The Rosewood Treat ‘n Gnaw Donut is everything your small animal would want in a treat. So your rabbit can gnaw away to his little heart’s content and start living his best life.

    There are two Rosewood Treat ‘n Gnaw donuts in a pack, and each donut measures 9 cm in diameter and is 2.5 cm thick. These donuts have delicious toppings made from coconut and carrot that will definitely make his mouth water. This treat is a great way to help your pet wear his teeth and satisfy his urge to gnaw and chew.

    The Rosewood Treat ‘n Gnaw Donut is made from a blend of alfalfa, other vegetable-based ingredients and natural wood. The product is then pressed into a fun donut shape for your pet to enjoy. Please don’t feel alarmed about the hard solid wood because this product is completely 100% edible, and there’s no risk of splintering.

    This product is suitable for Degus, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Chinchillas. So please don’t wait around too long before spoiling your little one as he deserves.

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    Chinchilla, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Mice, Rabbit, Rats, Small Animals




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