Westerman’s Hamster Mix


Whether you are looking for hamster food or hamster treats, Westerman’s Hamster Mix is the best hamster food for your hamster.

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Feed your hamster only the best hamster food with the Westerman’s Hamster Mix especially formulated with ingredients suitable for a healthy hamster diet.

The mix contains striped sunflower seeds and whole maize, which are both high in energy and keep your hamsters full for longer.

The variety of ingredients contained in this mix, such as the striped sunflower seeds, whole maize and red sorghum are also very high in fat and carbohydrates and it is therefore important that you give the fed in controlled moderation to avoid diabetes and obesity in your hamsters.

This hamster mix is ideal for everyday feeding and should be served in portions of  15g and refilled accordingly. Make sure that that you do not overfeed your hamsters and provide them with enough clean drinking water.

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Striped Sunflower; Whole Maize; Rabbit Pellets; Parrot Biscuits; Red Sorghum


Hamsters, Pet Rats, Pet Mice.


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