Rosewood Salon Grooming Scissors

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The Rosewood Soft Protection Scissors are a popular, all-purpose dog and pet grooming tool.

Designed for all general grooming and trimming the Soft Protection Scissors are ideal for cutting more significant areas that aren’t delicate. For around the face or paws we would recommend using the round ended Soft Protection Ear & Face Scissors.

If your dog’s fur is matted regular use of a comb or porcupine slicker brush should help, and a de-matting comb is a kind and gentle way to deal with it.

  • Grooming scissors with ergonomic hand grip
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Regular grooming with scissors will ensure a tidy looking pet
  • High quality steel blade

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Rosewood salon groom pet scissors are fantastic for general grooming and trimming of all types of coats, these regular grooming scissors will ensure that you have a tidy looking pet.

The Rosewood salon groom pet scissors is a soft protection salon pet scissors with ergonomic hand grip, suitable for all coats. Designed to cut pet’s hair only, do not use to cut any other material. Always read the label.




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