Pets Elite Liver Biltong Dog Treats

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Treating our dogs with a natural, wholesome treat is a lovely way to show your dog some TLC. The Pets Elite Liver Biltong Dog Treats are thick strips of dried, raw liver that will delight your dog’s palate; whether you use it as a positive reward training treat or an after-meal snack, he will love you for it.

Pets Elite Liver Biltong Dog Treats, the real treat for a real friend.

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Chewing is a good pastime for your dog. It aids the release of saliva and enzymes that aid the digestive system. It also triggers the release of feel-good hormones that will destress and relax your dog. Giving your dog the right things to chew on will eliminate the hazard of harming his mouth and aid the breakdown of tartar and plaque build-up on his teeth, while it betters the blood flow to the gums, which will aid oral health.

The Pets Elite range was launched in 2005 by an established pet food company with two generations of international experience in the industry. The Pets Elite range is locally produced, and they aim to constantly extend their product range by developing unique and innovative treats. They pride themselves in using only the best quality and natural ingredients to give priority to your dog’s well-being.

Pets Elite has a raw treat range made of pure animal derivatives. It is a natural treat with no added flavourants and colourants. The Pets Elite raw treats are high in protein, easily digestible, and hypoallergenic as they align perfectly with their dietary requirements. The Pets Elite raw treat range is well dehydrated, eliminating pathogens and mould while still having the natural flavour and wholesome goodness locked inside.

The Pets Elite Liver Biltong Dog Treat is a great way to treat your dog, whether it is used during positive reward training or given as an after-meal snack.

Always check that your dog has a bowl of fresh drinking water available.

The Pets Elite Liver Biltong Dog Treats is available in 100 g and 200 g.

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