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Pets Elite is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and was started in 2005 with many years of pet food industry history behind the brand. Their aim is to produce pet treats and dog food that are as close to pets’ natural ancestral diet as possible so that they get the full benefit of natural, healthy nutrition. Their full range of dog treats is constantly expanding as they come up with innovative ways to turn natural products into super healthy dog treats that are good for pets’ health and contribute to their wellbeing.

The full range of Pets Elite dog treats mostly consist of raw food that has simply been dried. There are no additives and preservatives used to keep the treats fresh – Pets Elite uses chemical-free sterilising technology to keep their treats as natural and tasty as possible. Pets Elite treats are protein-rich treats that are suitable for all dogs of any size – they make excellent training rewards, keep chewing dogs busy or can simply be enjoyed as a source of good health.