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Are you looking for a long-lasting chew? Pets Elite Achilles Sinew Dog Treat is tough enough and will keep your dog entertained for hours, while you can rest assured that you are giving him a good nutritious chewing treat. Keep your dog mentally and dentally occupied: a healthy body and relaxed mind. Pets Elite Achilles Sinew Dog Treat is safe for your dog’s recreational chewing.

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Chewing is an integral part of a dog’s life. Chewing produces saliva and enzymes, preventing plaque build-up that hardens into tartar. Gnawing on sinewy bones breaks down tartar and increase gum and dental health. Raw bones with tendons are a good source of calcium, phosphorus and minerals, which aids digestion, i.e. strengthen stomach muscles, improve bowel movements and lessen bloating, while glucosamine and chondroitin improve joint health. Aside from dental and digestive health, enjoyable chewing releases endorphins which is also good for your dog’s mental health as it reduces his stress and anxiety levels that usually lead to blood pressure problems and heart diseases.

Pets Elite Achilles Sinew Dog Treat is the ideal treat to keep your dog mentally and dentally entertained. The Pets Elite Achilles Sinew Dog treat is a nutritious raw dried Achilles Tendon with partial bone attached to it, rich in protein and low in fat. With no added colourants or artificial flavourants, it is a 100% natural doggy treat.

Keep your dog well entertained and happy while you can rest assured that you are giving him a nutritious, fun time.

Beef tendons are generally safe, but be a good pet parent and take it away when it gets small enough to swallow whole.


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