Oxbow Pure Comfort White Bedding


Oxbow’s Pure Comfort White Bedding is pure comfort at its best! Oxbow knows how important burrowing is in the busy lives of small pets. This natural bedding expands a lot once fluffed making it great for tunnelling. Oxbow’s Pure Comfort White Bedding absorbs moisture well while concealing unpleasant smells making cleanup easy. With Pure Comfort White Bedding your little friend will feel safe, healthy and very cosy.

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Oxbow Pure Comfort White Bedding is specially designed for small animals who love comfortable bedding. This white-as-snow bedding is super soft, hygienic and pet safe as it is made of 100% pure, never-printed paper. Just like their human friends, little pets also want to feel happy, healthy, clean and fresh and especially ready for a cuddle.

Oxbow natural litter and bedding products are made with both health and comfort in mind. Oxbow Pure Comfort White Bedding absorbs unpleasant odour leaving your small pet with a fresh habitat. Oxbow knows little pets deserve the best, softest bedding. Oxbow Pure Comfort White Bedding – Soft, Safe and Effective!

Oxbow Pure Comfort Natural Bedding comes in two different sizes: 36 litres and 72 litres.

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Chinchilla, Ferret, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Mice, Rabbit, Rats, Small Animals, Gerbils

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Made with 100% pure, never printed paper with no dyes.

Features and Benefits

  • Odour absorbent to minimise pet odours
  • Moisture absorbent for easy cleanup
  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Pure, never-printed paper is soft, hygienic and safe

Directions for use

  • Place 2.5 – 8 cm of Pure Comfort bedding on the floor of your pet’s enclosure.
  • Check daily for soiled areas.
  • Remove and replace all bedding at least once a week, or more frequently as needed.


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