Medpet Medi-Gut

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Medpet Medi-Gut is the perfect probiotic supplement to restore, maintain and promote the healthy intestinal microflora found in the gut in your pet precious. This probiotic helps your pet to improve and ensure a healthy immune system.

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    Good gut health in pets is just as vital as in humans.

    Pro-biotics serve the function of promoting and enabling the “good guys” in your pet’s body. In other words, pro-biotics allow beneficial gut bacteria to grow and thrive.

    If you want to ensure your doggo or kit-cat receives the right energy source, Medpet Medi-Gut is an ideal choice. Medpet Medi-Gut probiotics can be used as a supplement while treating your four-legged pet friend for:

    – Diarrhoea;

    – Candida overgrowth;

    – Constipation;

    – Spastic colon;

    – Inflammatory bowel disease.

    Available in a 100 ml bottle and is suited to both cats and dogs.

    Medpet Medi-Gut has a Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil as a base. This oil protects the micro-organisms against moisture, oxygen and heat.  The MCT oil also assits the micro-organisms last longer in the open environment than they would in conventional powder products.

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    • Easy application;
    • Highly palatable.


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