Marltons Swing Bird Toy


Are you looking for a practical way to exercise, entertain and even brighten up your bird’s life? The Marltons Swing Bird Toy will provide your feathered friend with pure stimulating pleasure. It will engage your bird’s legs, torso and neck, strengthing and toning several muscle groups, enabling him to combat boredom or work off excess energy. The Marltons Swing Bird Toy is an entertaining way of keeping your bird mentally alert as he shifts and balances his weight.

The Marltons Swing Bird Toy gives your bird a place to play and relax – exercise, entice, intrigue and entertain!

Jingling sleigh bells, bright coloured wooden beads, and 100% natural, durable material.

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Marltons Swing Bird Toy is a lovely way to bedazzle your bird’s cage while seeing to it that your feathered friend has adequate physical and mental stimulation. 

Caged birds can easily get into destructive behaviour when they get bored: plucking their feathers, losing their appetite, and constantly bobbing their heads. By providing them with a fun activity that will exercise, entertain and fascinate them, you can ensure that your friend’s quality of life is improved.

The Marltons Swing Bird Toy is a 100% safe food-grade, multi-coloured bird swing, fitted with two spherical jingle sleigh bells and a natural, non-toxic wooden perch, all sensibly put together to entice, intrigue and satisfy your bird friend’s physical and mental needs.

Whether your feathered friend climbs on, swings on or hangs from The Marltons Swing Bird Toy, it will improve his muscle fitness and balance while relaxing and making him feel at home. The jingling sleigh bells will provide him with sweet entertaining sounds, and the multi-colours will entertain his sight.

The Marltons Swing Bird Toy is fitted with a clasp that is easy to install. Be sure to place the swing where it can move freely and not hit the sides of the cage.

The Marltons Swing Bird Toy is a gift that your pet will like!


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