Marltons Parrot Cuisine


Spoil your parrot with a foundational diet that will cater for his every need. The Marltons Parrot Cuisine will do just that for your sweet pet. Make sure your parrot is as happy as he’ll ever be during mealtimes because you cared.

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The Marltons Parrot Cuisine is a foundational diet for both parrots and parakeets. You can use this foundational mix as a daily diet and should be served with greens and fresh fruit, which your sweet bird will just adore. The food bucket has a resealable lid so your parrots can have a fresh new meal when mealtime comes around!

This product contains red sorghum, parrot puffs, sunflowers seeds, yellow maize, minerals, vitamins, parrot biscuits and oats. Using this product, which has so many high-quality ingredients, your parrot will be provided with a source of energy and good fibres for his digestion. The Marltons Parrot Cuisine also has essential fats, which is great for his skin and improved plumage and a balanced nutrition profile for the healthy maintenance of weight.

The Marltons Parrot Cuisine is available in a 5 kg bucket.

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Weight 5 kg






  • oats
  • sunflower seeds
  • parrot puffs
  • parrot biscuits
  • red sorghum
  • yellow maize


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