Westerman’s Suet Slab Twin Pack


Westerman’s Suet Snack Slab Twin Pack (2 in a box) is the perfect food for wild birds during winter, but it can be fed throughout the year for year-round energy.

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Westerman’s Suet Snack Slab Twin Pack is good for woodpeckers, wrens, chickadees and most insect-eating birds and it’s the perfect food for them in winter. 

Westerman’s Suet Snack Slab Twin Pack contains 2 slabs of suet cake mix to fit into the Suet Slab Cage. These suet snack slabs contain vegetable fat and assorted grains, that will attract a wide variety of wild birds to your garden and provide them with year-round energy. 



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  • Encourages flower pollination
  • Controls insects because of birds flocking to your garden.

Feeding Guidelines

  • Serve as a treat throughout the day.
  • Put the suet slab inside the feeder and hang it for your birds to eat.
  • Always ensure that it is placed in a clean and safe area.


Seeds, rapeseed oil, wheat and millet.


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