Marltons Duo Max Combination Feeder and Watering Dispenser


Do you sometimes sit at work and wonder whether you remembered to feed your dog during this morning’s rush. Stop spending your days in guilt by getting yourself a backup system that will help you provide your dog with fresh food and clean water while you are out and about. The Duo Max Combination Feeder and Watering Dispenser is a product made of high quality, eco-friendly and pet safe plastic that will help you monitor your dog’s daily food and water. The clear plastic will help you see when you need to refill the food and water supply for your dog’s convenience. He will have more than enough to help himself too during the day, and if, just if, your morning started in a big rush, you can rest assured that last time you checked, there were still plenty of supplies to keep your pooch happy till you refill it again.

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Marltons is a pet care expert providing the South African market with pet care products since 1945. They pride themselves in the fact that they strive to make your life as a pet owner easier and your pet’s life happier by providing you with easy-to-use and cost-effective products to care for your pets in the best way possible.

With Marltons Duo Max Combination Feeder and Watering Dispenser, you do not need to worry if your dog will be well fed and hydrated during the day. The durable containers are made with high-quality plastic material, eco-friendly and pet safe, ensuring that your dog’s food and water will be kept fresh. It is designed to dispense the food and water in regulated portions, which will keep it from spilling all over the floor. The containers are transparent, making it easy to monitor when the water and food need to be refilled. Refilling is also made easy. The food can be inserted quickly by removing the lid, while all standard types of drinking bottles can be used on the water dispenser.

The Marltons Duo Max Combination Feeder and Water Dispenser can detach for easy cleaning. Wash with mild soap and rinse with clean water.

Feeding your dog is made hassle free with the Marltons Duo Max Combination Feeder and Water Dispenser.

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