Marltons Abaques Bird Toy


Abaques aren’t just for us humans, they can be for our feathery friends two. The Marltons Abaques Bird Toy will make your bird look smart and will definitely bring that popping bit of colour the cage needs. Let your bird have fun and stimulate his mind with a bird toy that really does it all! 

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Who’s a smart little birdie? The Marltons Abaques Bird Toy will allow your bird to explore, learn and have fun all at once. Bring some colour and excitement into your birds cage and, become your bird’s favorite person in the whole wide world. Being smart has never been this fun when it comes to the best bird toy out there.  

The Marltons Abaques Bird Toy has a red and yellow bare facing one another with 4 metal rod’s in-between them. The first metal rod has six beads total with a colour pattern that go’s as follows, wood brown, blue, yellow, turquoise, red and orange. The second metal rod contains four beads total, two of which are turquoise beads and the other two blue beads. In the middle of the turquoise and blue beads is a fun little bell to help excite your bird.

The third metal rod only has two beads with the clours of yellow and red, but in-between these two beads is yet another cute little bell for your bird’s enjoyment and pleasurer. Last but not least the fourth and final rod, which has six beads just like the fist rod. This bead pattern has the same fun colour pattern as the first. 

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