Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Bells (6)


It’s such a joy to have a garden full of lively chirping birds. Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Bell Box will attract all kind of wild birds to your garden and will keep them entertained for a while. The seed bells contain a little string to hang it on a branch or anywhere you see fit.

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What a wonderful joy and blessing to have a garden full of lively chirping birds! With these seed bells, you will not only attract many different kinds of wild birds to your garden, but you will also give them a helping hand in finding food, especially during winter. With this amazing treat, your garden will be the most popular in your neighbourhood, keeping your garden birds happy. The Wild Bird Seed Bell is a highly nutritious treat that provides high enrichment.

The seed bells come with a little string for you to easily attach to a branch or wherever you see fit.

Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Bells include yellow millet, red millet, red sorghum and fine crushed maize. 

The Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Bells measure 39 x 26 x 14.5 cm in size and the shape makes it easy for birds to cling onto while they snack.

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Weight 2 kg






  • Appeal to birds’ natural pecking instincts.
  • Soon you will have a garden filled with all kinds of wild birds.


  • Hang the seed bell in a cage or the garden, preferably during the day as it attracts more birds.
  • Hang the Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Bell in a tree and place it in a position that is both visible, quiet and not close to the windows of your house.


Red Millet

Yellow Millet

Red Sorghum

Fine crushed maize


39 x 26 x 14.5 cm


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