M-Pets Pongo Interactive Dog Toy


Shake it up Patch! Playing is necessary for your four legged pet baby to have good mental, physical, and emotional health, even if it is done alone. The tubes inside the M-Pets Pongo Interactive Dog Toy ball emit sounds when rolled or shaken. It will keep your pawed friend entertained by engaging his natural instincts to play.

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Playing when your pet is left alone is a great skill because playing can reduce stress and anxiety in your doggy.

Dogs naturally love to play and it improves not only their alone time, but their time with you, as their pet parent, as well.

Playing should be an important part of your pup’s daily routine.

The ability to play happily all alone is a useful and necessary skill.

Dogs learn to play when they are puppies in the pack when playtime in social groups give them useful life skills, like play fighting, hunting, or chasing.

Dogs that play regularly can suffer from problems like anxiety, aggression, whining, and not listening, among other problematic behaviour.

Dogs that play by themselves should be encouraged.

If your dog who can entertain himself, it’s a sign of intelligence.

Your dog is releasing energy, chewing, chasing, challenging her mind, and practicing skills when she plays.

The M-Pets Pongo Interactive Dog Toy’s Dalmatian-like black and white features will keep your four legged friend happy, healthy and stimulated.

The M-Pets Pongo Interactive Dog Toy is ideal for a fun loving, adventure seeking playful pup or older doggo.


Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Shipping dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 cm




Breed Size


Volumetric weight 0.55 kg


  • Interactive;
  • Black and White design;
  • Made from Nylon;
  • Vibration sensor with sound.


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