Kong Shakers Luvs Elephant


Kong Shakers Luvs Elephant is a blue polka-dot elephant that will shake up your dog’s life. Its ruffled fluff and soft plush elongated body will make it easy for your dog to carry around. Fitted with a low-toned squeaker, the Kong Shakers Luvs Elephant will bring fun and joy, busting boredom and physically and mentally stimulating your dog while at play. C

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Kong Shakers Luvs Elephant, a blue polka-dot elephant, is ready to shake up your pup’s life. With its ruffled fluff and plush elongated body that will make it easy for your dog to carry around, he may soon become your dog’s favourite go-to toy. Fitted with a squeaker, this little Elephant will bring laughter and joy that will bust boredom and stimulate your fur buddy physically and mentally, while at play.

Cute to cuddle – lovely to fetch. This Kong Shakers Luvs Elephant will ensure that no elephant is left in the corner. This is no white elephant. Fling Flop and Toss. Fetch Cuddle and Carry around.

Be advised that this cuddly Kong Shakers Luvs Elephant likes to be snuggled up with rather than gnawed on.

The Kong Shakers Luv Elephant comes in the dimension of:

Small 9.50 x 28 x 7 cm
Large 35 x 14 x 17 cm

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