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Dogs’ strong jaws and sharp teeth are used for eating, communicating and defending. Ancestrally, they’re supposed to be tough for hunting and survival. Even though dogs are now domestic and lovable, they still need to stimulate and exercise their teeth and jaws, which is where Kong toys come in so handy.

Kong toys are known for being durable, especially the Kong Ball and Kong Extreme dog toy.

Are Kong dog toys guaranteed?

In the USA Kong dog toys are guaranteed for 60 days, in which time customers can send their Kong toys back if they’re not satisfied. Even though guarantee is not logistically available in South Africa, the 60-day guarantee is proof that Kong stands behind the quality of their product.

Why are Kong toys good for dogs?

There are a range of age and chewing-style-dependent toys in the Kong dog range. Kong Puppy is made from softer materials for teething puppies, while Kong Extreme is made from a more durable material for “power chewers”. There’s even an ageing chewer for senior dogs. Each category of Kong toy comes in the size of your choice – so there’s virtually a Kong for every dog!

Kong toys also bounce unpredictably and can be stuffed with yummy treats to for stimulation and reward games, or to relieve your dog’s boredom or anxiety.

What can you put in a Kong for dogs?

Kong balls and toys are hollow inside and can be stuffed with hard and soft treats, to keep your dog engaged and entertained for extended periods of time.

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is an all-time favourite, but if your dog is more of a squeaky-toy fanatic, then try the Kong Airdog Squeakair Ball. For the power chewers, there’s the Kong Extreme Ball – just don’t forget to add the treats!