JW Cataction Wanderfuls Wand


JW Cataction Wanderfuls Wand is here to brighten up your life. The JW Cataction Wanderfuls Wand is carefully designed to entice, intrigue and entertain your feline friend while you better your bond.

Simply dangle the particoloured pompom tortoise-like creature with his feathered tail in front of her to bring out the playful side in her and trigger her foraging skills. Paw-Power. 

The Cataction Wanderfuls Wand is infused with natural catnip to enchant your feline with a bettered mood for up to 2o minutes after exposure.

This flying tortoise will give your cat a good workout.

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JW Cataction Wanderfuls Wand will unlock hours of interactive playtime fun for you and your best feline company. You do not always have to go expensive on a toy that your cat will enjoy. The JW Cataction Wanderfuls Wand might just be as much fun for you dangling it in front of her as it is for her to chase and jump after it.

The JW Cataction Wanderfuls Wand has a sturdy wand with a raised plastic handle to better your grip. The rope is constructed from thick but soft nylon and the tortoise-like pom-poms creature dangling at the end is festively coloured and has tri-coloured feathers protruding as a tail.  

Infused with natural catnip this toy has the capacity to trigger the happy receptors in her brain and release some endorphins that will keep her enchanted for up to 20 minutes after exposure.

Enrich your cat’s domesticated life with a wand that will grab her attention and keep her active, stimulated and entertained every once in a while. 

This might just become your cat’s new favourite toy.

The JW Cataction Wanderfuls Wand comes in the dimension of 35.6 cm x 12.7 cm x 3.8 cm.

The JW Cataction Wanderfuls Wand is well constructed and sturdy, but no toy is indestructible. Be sure to keep an eye out for wear and tear. Remove and Replace. Why not keep a spare ready for when this one has seen its days? Your cat will love you for it.

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Shipping dimensions 35.6 × 3.8 × 12.7 cm

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