Drinkwell Replacement Foam Filters (2 Pack)


The PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain Replacement Foam Filters (2 packs) are compatible with the PetSafe Drinkwell Square Pet Fountain, Stainless steel, and Plastic 360 and remove bad tastes and odours to ensure clean and fresh water for your pet.

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Cool, refreshing, clean water is essential to any pet, especially for urinary health.

The Drinkwell Replacement Foam Filters remove any unpleasant odours or tastes from your tail-wagging pet, making it fresher for longer.

The Drinkwell Replacement Foam Filters will prevent food, hair, and other large debris from being circulated through the fountain.  This makes for easier cleaning of the fountain which will then lead to extended fountain life.

Replace the foam filters every 1 to 2 months. The specific replacement time depends on using the fountain for multiple pets.

The Drinkwell Replacement Foam Filters are an affordable, consistent way of improving the quality of your kit-cat or doggo’s drinking water. By keeping your pet-precious hydrated you can ensure your pet’s health on many levels.

Compatible with all Drinkwell  Square Pet fountains, the Stainless steel fountain, and the 360 Plastic Fountain. 

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Shipping dimensions 75 × 70 × 30 cm



Cat, Dog


Volumetric weight 31.50 kg


  • Guaranteed Fit – The only filter brand guaranteed to fit the PetSafe® Drinkwell® Square fountains, Stainless Steel fountain and the 360 Plastic Fountain
  • Fresh, Filtered Water – The replaceable foam filter catches hair and debris, keeping your cat’s water clean
  • Protects Pump – Foam filter helps extend the life of your fountain pump by catching hair and debris before it reaches the pump
  • Easy to Replace – Easily removes when you clean your pet’s fountain. Replace the foam filter every 1-2 months to properly maintain your pet fountain


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