Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain 5L

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Pets, like humans, are healthier when their water intake is frequent. A drinking fountain with free-falling water will entice your pet to drink more. Especially cats that tend to suffer from urinary infections will benefit from more water.

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Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain 5L is an excellent way to ensure that your pet stays well hydrated. The fountain’s free-falling stream will not only entice your pets to drink more water, but it also aerates the water to ensure that they get an oxygen-rich water supply.

The dual filtration system will give you the assurance that the water is clean and healthy. The fountain features a replaceable charcoal filter to keep the water free from chlorine and fluoride to ensure the water is free from bad tastes and odours. The fitted pre-filter removes hair and debris to keep the water clean and away from blocking the filter.

Non-slip rubber feet prevent the fountain from slipping. The submersible pump ensures a nearly silent operation and constant water circulation prevents bacterial growth.

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain has a 5-litre capacity, with a low voltage of 12V and an adjustable flow control.

The system is easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to refill.

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain measures 27.5 cm x 26 cm x 40.6 cm and weighs 2.15 kg.

Gift your pet with the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain and ensure that his water bowl is enticing with fresh, running, clean, oxygenated water.

Additional information

Weight 2.15 kg
Shipping dimensions 27.5 × 26 × 40.6 cm




Cat, Dog


Volumetric weight 5.81 kg


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