Virbac Epi-Otic – 125ml


Epi-Otic can be used for routine ear cleaning maintenance or as an addition to ear treatment.

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It is ideal for use in combination with any treatment for an ear infection; in this case, Epi-Otic should be used ½ – 1 hour before the treatment, this ensures that the ear canal is clear from wax and pus and the ear cleaner will not dilute the ear treatment. For pre-treatment cleaning, Epi-Otic can be used daily.

Available in a 125ml bottle.

Cleansing and drying

  • Salicylic acid (found in many high-quality skin creams) removes dirt, dead skin cells and excess wax.
  • Docusate sodium dries the ear effectively and gently

Soothing and Gentle

  • Classified as non-irritant.

Anti Adhesive

  • Glycotechnology prevents bacteria from sticking to the skin cells

Antibacterial and Antifungal

  • PCMX has an antibacterial effect
  • EDTA enhances the action of PCMX


  • Physiological pH (-Neutral)
  • Doesn’t over-dry or irritate the skin.

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How to use Epi-otic

Shake well before each use.

1. Place the nozzle in the entrance of the ear canal and squeeze a couple of millilitres in to the ear canal.

2. Gently massage your dog’s ear, making sure that you keep a firm grip of the dog while you are doing this.

3. Use a cotton ball or soft tissue to wipe any excess ear cleaner and dirt from the outside of the ear that has been dislodged by the EpiOtic. Under no circumstances should you use a cotton bud to clean your dog’s ear.

Be aware that once you have finished cleaning the ear, your dog will naturally want to shake its head, which may release a small spray of ear cleaner into the surrounding area.

Can be used twice or three times weekly.


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