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Every aspect of the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle’s design has been created to combine maximum safety with comfort for the dog. The ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures the muzzle will always remain securely in place and features two additional points of attachment. As welfare is always paramount in the design process, the dog can pant, drink and even be fed through this revolutionary muzzle

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How secure are they?

Very! The ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures the muzzle will always remain securely in place and features two additional points of secure attachment.  The loop at the bottom attaches to your dog’s regular collar and there is an optional, removable over-head safety strap.  A secure metal buckle with pre-holed webbing ensures it is fully adjustable and quick and easy to fit.

Are they comfortable?

Made from strong but malleable thermoplastic rubber (TPR), the muzzle can be moulded to best fit a dog’s muzzle by warming in hot water then cooling in cold to create a broad muzzle for a boxer or a narrow muzzle for a Borzoi. (Please note, moulded muzzles may not be returned)

Recommended sizing guide

Size Length Width Breed
1 6 cm 22 cm Bichon Frise/Maltese/Mini Dachshund/Toy Poodle/ Yorkie
2 7.5cm 26.5 cm Mini Poodle/Mini Schnauzer/Westie.
3 8 cm 28 cm Beagle/Border collie/Cocker Spaniel/Corgi/Standard Poodle/Standard Schnauzer/Welsh Terrier.
4 9 cm 31.5 cm Australian Cattle Dog/Dalmatian/Husky/Pointers/Springer Spaniel/Staffie/Vizla.
5 12 cm 35 cm Boxer/Bulldog/Doberman/German Shepherd/Golden Retriever/Labrador/Ridgeback/Setters/Shar Pei/Weimaraner.
6 13 cm 41 cm Akita/Bull Mastiff/Giant Schnauzer/Great Dane/Irish wolfhound/Newfoundland/Rottweiler/St Bernard.

Breed recommendations are a guideline only as individual muzzle sizes may vary by dog. We recommend you measure your dog to ensure the right fit. Please see image on how to measure.

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Size Guide

Breed Baskerville Ultra Breed Baskerville Ultra
Afghan Hound 5 Irish Wolfhound 6
Airedale 5 Jack Russell 1-2
Alaskan Malamute 5 Japanese Akita 6
American Cocker 2 Keeshond 3
American Staffordshire 4-5 Kerry Blue Terrier 4
Australian Cattle Dog 4 King Charles Spaniel
Australian Shepherd 3 Labrador Retriever 5
Basenji 2 Lakeland Terrier 2
Basset Hound 5 Lhasa Apso
Beagle 3 Lurcher 5
Bearded Collie 3 Maltese 1
Bedlington Terrier 2 Maremma Sheepdog 5
Belgian Shepherd 4 Mastiff 6
Bernese MD 5 Munsterlander 5
Bichon Fris 1 Newfoundland 6
Border Collie 3 Norfolk/Norwich Terrier 1
Border Terrier 2 Old English Sheepdog 5
Borzoi 5 Papillon N/A
Boston Terrier Pekingese
Bouvier 6 Pharaoh Hound 4
Boxer 5 Pit Bull 4-5
Briard 5 Pointers 4
Brittany Spaniel 3 Poodle Toy 1
Buhund 2 Poodle Miniature 2
Bulldog Poodle Standard 3
Bull Mastiff 6 Pug
Bull Terrier 5 Pyrenean MD 6
Cairn Terrier 2 Ridgeback 5
Cavalier Spaniel 2 Rottweiler 6
Chow Chow 5 Rough Collie 3-4
Chesapeake Bay Retriever 5 St Bernard 6
Cocker (English) 3 Saluki 3
Corgi 3 Samoyed 4
Dachshund Miniature 1 Schnauzer Miniature 2
Dachshund Standard 1 Schnauzer 3
Dalmatian 4 Schnauzer Giant 6
Dobermann 5 Scottish Terrier 3
Elkhound 4 Shar Pei 5
English Setter 5 Sheltie 1-2
Flat Coated Retriever 4 Shiba Inu 1-2
Foxhound 5 Shih Tzu
Fox Terrier 2 Siberian Husky 4
German Shepherd 5-6 Soft Coated Wheaten 4
Golden Retriever 5 Springer Spaniel 4
Gordon Setter 5 Staff Bull Terrier 4
Great Dane 6 Weimaraner 5
Greyhound 4 Welsh Terrier 3
Hungarian Vizsla 4 West Highland White 2
Irish Setter 4-5 Whippet 2
Irish Water Spaniel 4 Yorkshire Terrier 1


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