Marltons Centerpede Bird Toy


Adorn his cage and improve his cage experience. Colour fun and jingling! This Marltons Centerpede Bird Toy with 30 colourful wooden sticks, 31 colourful wooden beads and a cute jingle bell will entice, intrigue and engage your bird into some entertaining playtime fun.

At Marltons, they know that birds have a wider colour spectrum than humans. Colours and sounds are a lovely way to enrich your feather friend’s life and keep him from boredom and depression. The Marltons Centerpede Bird Toy is a sensibly featured toy that will intrigue your bird to be mentally and physically stimulated during interactive play.

Enhance – Embellish – Enrich! Add some value to his cage life!

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The Marltons Centerpede Bird Toy is a lovely bright coloured stick and bead bird toy that is sure to brighten up his cage surroundings. 

Birds have a wider colour spectrum than us, enjoying their vivid environment by appreciating bright colours. The Marltons Centerpede Bird Toy is sensibly put together to provide your feathered friend with the physical and mental stimulation he needs not to become bored and depressed.

The Marltons Centerpede Bird Toy is featured with multi-coloured wooden sticks spaced with multi-coloured wooden beads measuring 35 cm long. It is fashioned with a lovely bell at the bottom to intrigue his attention into some interactive play and comes with a secure clasp to easily attach it to the top bar of the cage.

Treat your bird with a toy he can climb on, claw, peck at and explore!

The Marltons Centerpede Bird Toy is one of many bird toys in its range that you can enrich your feather friend’s life with.

Be sure to invest in a number of different toys – so that you can weekly rotate them and show you care about your little friend’s well-being.

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