Animal Zone Bird Cage Spray


Animal Zone’s Bird Cage Spray does for your bird’s cage what a deep clean does for your home: it eliminates germs and bacteria and the odours that go along with them. Give your pet bird’s cage the Animal Zone makeover with their Bird Cage Spray.

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Pet birds are extremely sensitive to bacteria, fungi and odours, which is why regularly cleaning their cages is critically important for bird care and necessary for their wellbeing. Animal Zone’s Bird Cage Spray is the solution for cleaning up after your feathered friends and ensuring their ‘nest’ is spick and span.

The active ingredients in the spray don’t simply mask over the germs and smells – they completely eliminate germs and odours to ensure your pet bird’s environment is clean and pleasant for them to live in. The Bird Cage Spray gets rid of bacteria and odours, and it creates barrier protection until the next time you need to clean the cage.

Never ever use bleach or other household cleaners to clean your pet bird’s environment. Rather use Bird Cage Spray to neutralise and remove bacteria and germs.

Animal Zone’s Bird Cage Spray is available in a 1-litre bottle.

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