Gardman Hanging Bird Bath


The Gardman Hanging Bird Bath offers a stylish ceramic bird bath to provide a source of clean, fresh water for drinking or bathing for your feathered friends. Ideal for Small gardens. Let nature come to you!

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While bird feeding helps you experience nature while offering relaxation and could help you destress, attracting these same birds to your garden for a bath could enhance your bird-watching hobby.

Did you know that bathing for birds is of utmost importance for feather maintenance and skin hydration? It keeps their feathers free of dirt and encourages birds to groom their feathers for the preservation of their wonderful, natural shine. In the wild, birds may bathe during a rain shower or in a puddle, lake, or stream. You can contribute to this action by providing a birdfeeder in your garden. To have a pit stop point in your garden for birds to bathe, you offer birds energy for migration and thus contribute to nature’s clever processes.

The Gardman Hanging Bird Bath serves as an attractive outdoor piece, bringing a touch of nature to your outdoor space. It is frost-resistant, ensuring durability even in winter months. This easy-to-clean ceramic bird bath is antibacterial, providing long-lasting protection against germs.

The stylish Gardman Hanging Bird Bath can be hung or fitted to a support ring for a versatile and charming addition to your garden.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Shipping dimensions 20 × 20 × 50 cm





Volumetric weight 4.00 kg

Features and Benefits

  • Adds a touch of natural elegance to your garden;
  • Provides wild birds with an ideal space to bathe;
  • Designed for year-round use, the bath is frost-resistant;
  • Can be hung on a hook or on trees;
  • Suitable for birds.


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