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Amigo is a pet food company that manufactures its products in Mossel Bay, South Africa. They pride themselves on the traceability of their ingredients, thanks to a short supply chain – sourcing their ostrich and lamb meat directly from the Karoo. Amigo offers two product brands, INTEGRITY and CONFIDENCE, which cater to the appropriate life stages of your dog: puppy, adult and senior. Amigo is a proud member of the Pet Food Industry of Southern Africa, and their product ingredients are quality controlled to meet the requirements of export regulations.

The Integrity range contains chicken while the Confidence range contains ostrich and lamb meat.

Both the Integrity and Confidence ranges comprise top quality proteins and are gluten free to support your dog’s wellbeing. The fresh ingredients are steam-cooked to preserve taste and goodness. Amigo foods do not contain artificial flavourants and colourants, but are rich in vitamins and minerals to improve your dog’s immune function and support their vital organs. Both brands contain omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids for healthy skin and shiny coat, sourced from Karoo ostrich oil.