All For Paws Knotty Habit Yarn Ball Toy For Cats 


All For Paws Knotty Habit Yarn Ball Toy For Cats is a cleverly designed yarn ball and wand toy with catnip and jingling bells to keep your cat happily entertained. Cats just love to play with yarn dangling close enough for them to pounce on, bat and swat at. Using wands to entice your cat into some interactive playtime fun enriches their environment and improves their fitness, and maintains your bond.

The All For Paws Knott Habit Yarn Ball Toy is one of a variety of wands that are cleverly designed to keep your cat healthy and happy by luring her into some good foraging fun.

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All For Paws Knotty Habit Yarn Ball Toy For Cats is a lovely low-tech toy to improve the bonding experience with your furry family member. Cats naturally have a strong affinity for balls of yarn. They adore the texture of the yarn and the wand gives you the opportunity to encourage their natural hunting instinct. Cats love to stalk, pounce, bat, swipe and paw dangling things.  The interactive All For Paws Knot Habit Yarn Ball Toy is a multi-coloured yarn ball toy filled with catnip and jingle bells that will enrich their playtime and stimulate their senses.

The best way to keep your family fur member happy and well-exercised is to set apart time in a day to invest in habitual play. Using the All For Paws Knott Habit Yarn Ball Toy For Cats to mimic the behaviour of her prey, will have her darting after it stimulating her mind and exercising her body. Make sure that you reward your cat sometimes after play, to mimic nature’s successful hunt.

Ensure that your cat feels loved. Intrigue and entice her natural senses by stocking up and using a variety of wands, rotating them routinely to keep your cat well entertained.

Always keep an eye out for worn-out toys. Be sure to remove all hazardous toys and replace them as soon as you can. Toys are a necessity for domestic cats.

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