Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Value Tub


Birds generally find their food by sight. Sprinkling some Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Value Tub seed on the ground or top of the feeder will let the birds know that you are open for business. With yellow millet, red millet, sorghum and crushed maize your bird feeder will soon be attracting wild birds in abundance! Be sure to have your bird book or bird App handy to identify all the different types of wild birds popping in for a visit!

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Position your wild bird feeder with your Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Value Tub seed in an attractive, safe location, preferably near a brush pile, hedge or another type of shelter, so birds can feel secure when visiting.

Adding a nearby birdbath will also help wild birds noticing and visiting your feeder. A bath with moving water, such as a birdbath fountain, wiggler or dripper, will most effectively catch wild birds’ attention.

Fill your feeder with Westerman’s Wild Bird Seed Value Tub seed. Spread some seed on the top of your feeder, on a nearby platform, or on the ground near the feeder to draw more attention to the location as a new and valuable feeding spot.

Available in a handy 7.5 kg sealable tub.

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Weight 7.5 kg






Life Stage


  • All the nutritional goodness in one tub;
  • Seal-able tub to keep seeds fresher for longer.


  • Yellow Millet;
  • Red Millet;
  • Red Sorghum;
  • Fine crushed maize.


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