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VetsBrands Life Stem Spirulina and Glyconutrient is a holistic nutritional aid in boosting your dog’s immunity and general well-being

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VetsBrands LifeStem Spirulina is for use in immune-compromised and chronically debilitated dogs suffering from neoplastic diseases and undergoing chemotherapy as a nutritional aid in stimulating immunity, haematopoiesis and supplying essential nutrients.  LifeStem is a general supplement where nutritional shortcomings are present.

Spirulina enhances the immune system and possibly reducing the risk of infection, cancer and autoimmune disease.  It is rich in Carotenoid antioxidants and has cleansing chlorophyll which leps to detoxify the body.

Glyconutrients have been called “the most nutritionally dense food on the planet”. Glyconutrients are known to increase energy and stamina. Adaptogens enhance cardiovascular health by strengthening the heart and circulation and continue to work overtime while your pet is resting by supporting muscle growth and repair.

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  • The unique combination of Spirulina and Glyconutrients
  • The above combination supplies an enormous array of Micronutrients that stimulates the immune system and lends support to dogs suffering from chronic debilitating diseases including Neoplastic disease and chemotherapy.

Directions for use

Supply 1 tablet of LifeStem Spirulina per 10 kg of dogs body weight once per day for as long as clinically needed.


Each kilogram contains

Spirulina Platensis – 400 mg

Glyconutrients – 600 mg


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