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The perfect treat for your cat

Treating your cat is not just a fun way of showing affection, but also part of an essential daily routine. As a proud cat owner, we lavish our kitties with love and attention, with healthy food at mealtimes, and with treats. We want to keep our cats in optimal condition, and when it comes to treats how do we choose the best one?

Choosing healthy cat treats

It is always advised to choose a high-quality cat treat made from domestically sourced ingredients that are nutritious and filled with added vitamins.

Cats can easily become overweight; in choosing a delicious treat for your cat make sure you are informed of the best available option to keep your cat in a healthy condition. Steer clear of cheap treats; commercial products are full of artificial colourings, flavours and preservatives. Simply put; find a treat for your cat that is made from natural ingredients.

The importance of moderation

Always remember to treat in moderation, treats are an extension of your cat’s diet, and cats can easily become overweight. It’s up to you, as their loving owner, to keep them in an optimal state of health. Always follow the 10% rule; your cat’s treat intake should never exceed 10% of its daily-allotted calories. Overfeeding your cat may lead to many health problems, as well as shortening its lifespan.

Always monitor the effect of anything new you introduce into your cat’s diet, allergies and intolerances are always a possibility, and not paying attention means that you might miss the signs that your cat may be suffering from a treat you thought would be harmless.

What are my options in choosing the perfect treat?

Cats need species-appropriate treats, being true carnivores they depend on vital nutrients supplied by proteins and fats. has a variety of healthy, and safe cat treats to choose from. These include treats for cat with certain allergies, treats that aid in tartar control, hairball prevention and joint health. Pet Hero also supplies toys that contain catnip; catnip is a natural plant that acts as a treat and a toy and is a huge favourite for a cat of any age.

Attention is key

The value of attentiveness goes beyond any treat, make sure to incorporate play, snuggle time and other forms of attention into your cat’s daily routine.

Be informed about any food or treat that you purchase for your cat. We all want our cats to be in an optimal state of health, and research, as well as regular visits to your vet, is key in understanding your cat’s state of health and needs. Your cat is an essential part of your family and depends on you, and only you, in living a happy and healthy life. There are many healthy cat treats to choose from and never hesitate to consult with your vet should you be unsure of which treat will be best for your cat.