Tetratec APS50 Air Pump


Quietly and consistently aerate your fish tank or aquarium’s water with a Tetra APS 50 Aquarium Air Pump to suit the size of your tank. Help your fish with some fresh air with the Tetra APS 50 Aquarium Air Pump.

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No matter the size of your aquarium, there’s a Tetra APS 50 Aquarium Air Pump suited to your water volume. What sets Tetra’s APS Air Pumps apart from the rest is that they are extremely quiet, have an excellent quality build and are very reliable.

Quiet air pump

Thanks to the modern design of these units, they consist of sound-absorbing chambers in a stable housing with rubber feet. So with the Tetra APS 50 Aquarium Air Pump, there’s no sound from vibration.

Consistent airflow

The durable membrane makes each unit powerfully and consistently pump a consistent flow of air to ensure enough oxygen is distributed throughout your tank water. It is powerful enough for airstones and action ornaments or for driving under-gravel filters.

Adjust the flow of air

Each unit comes with one or two valves to allow you to easily adjust the airflow to suit your needs.

Product Size of Aquarium (in litres) Max. Pumping Rate Power Consumption
Tetra APS 50 10 – 60 l 50 l/h 2,0 Watt

Get Your Tetratec APS50 Air Pump today for your fish.

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Weight 1 kg
Shipping dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 cm





Volumetric weight 0.14 kg


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