Marltons Aquarium Gravel


The Marltons Aquarium Gravel is the creative way of decorating your fish home with fun and functionality.  Beautify your aqua friends’ habitat with colour and flair. Not only will it draw your attention and give you a sense of wonder, but it will give the beneficial bacteria a place to reside while breaking down fish waste, food residue and plant debris, keeping the water clearer for longer.

Tint, Tone and Brighten up the Aquarium! Tranquillity. Harmony.

The Marltons Aquarium gravel comes in 7 colours: Medium Blue, Medium Light Blue, Black, Red, Rainbow, Pink and White.

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The Marltons Aquarium Gravel will convert your aquarium into an upbeat festive focal point that will draw attention and spark a sense of wonder. The Marltons Aquarium Gravel is medium, 3 – 5 mm sized, coloured pebbles, forming a substrate your fish will adore and love to explore. Marltons Aquarium Gravel is nicely rounded not to hurt your aqua friends.

The Marltons Aquarium Gravel provides a place for beneficial bacteria to reside while continually breaking down fish waste, food residue and plant debris, keeping the water clearer for longer.

Beautify! Brighten up your aqua friends’ environment! Pay attention to detail! Gravel is trendy and improves the quality of your aquarium water value.

Fish will love it, the good bacteria too… so will you! Lovely to look at, practical and functional; esthetic yet Functional!

The Marltons Aquarium Gravel Medium comes in seven different colours to choose from, or mix them together to create a fun, trendy colourful blend:

Blue, Light Blue, Black, Red, Rainbow and Pink.

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