Smart Choice Jute Rope Dog Toy


The Smart Choice Jute Rope Dog Toy is a chew toy for doggies to assist in tug-and-pull games to ensure strong jaws and endless hours of fun. Available in assorted designs to keep you and Rex thoroughly entertained! The 35 cm length will ensure tug-and-pull games are exciting and fun.

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Most dogs love to play tug of war. It is a healthy, constructive display of their predatory nature. Tug-and-play games provide great mental and physical exercise for your doggie. It’s also a wonderful way to reinforce and strengthen the bond between you and your favourite four-legged friend. Tug-and-play is a great way to leave your dog happy and exhausted, decreasing the chances of boredom. The game allows a chance for rough-playing, with ground rules set and observed. Dogs love tug-of-war so much that it can be used as positive reinforcement during training sessions.

Jute is a long, soft, shiny, all-natural fibre spun into coarse, strong threads. “Jute” is the name of the plant or fibre used to make burlap, hessian or gunny cloth. Jute is also considered harder than cotton.  It is more durable and is perfectly safe for puppies to chew on and keep them occupied for hours.

The Smart Choice Jute Rope Dog Toy is 100% natural, is unstuffed and will be a great addition to your doggie’s fun-with-my-human tools.


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Weight 0.150 kg
Shipping dimensions 35 cm

Smart Choice

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  • 100% natural;
  • 4 different designs;
  • Very durable;
  • Provides good, healthy exercise options.


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