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Pet Rebels Anna 240 Cat Tree

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Are you looking for an indoor trendy vertical climbing frame for your furry friend to keep him physically and mentally stimulated? The stylish Pet Rebeld Anna 24o Cat Tree is an exiting fun and functional discreet climbing indoor Cat Tree. It is ergonomically designed  to satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instinct, encouraging her to scratch the sisal wrapped posts rather than your choice furniture. Its plush covering is soothing to the eye and will compliment almost any home’s colour scheme. It is made with high quality materials to provide your cat with a snug hide-in nook and posts that will satisfy their urge for scratching. It also has a cute hanging cat toy on a string to entertain your cat for hours. Cat’s Paradise. 




The Pet Rebels Anna 240 is a lovely and discreet space-saving indoor modular tree designed to provide your fur friends with a snug and safe place to lunge, play, scratch and explore. It even has a hide-in for that snug relaxing moments after play. The Pet Rebels Anna 240 is suitable for all cats and all breeds of cats to enjoy.

The Pet Rebels Anna 240 has a dimension of 40 cm in length, 40 cm in width and 240 – 265 cm in height, with no less than 3 platforms of 40 cm x 40 cm; and a soft sleeping house (with pillow) which is 40 cm x 40 cm and 30 cm high. The scratching posts are wrapped with sisal ropes that give it a round-off finishing touch while being functional in trimming and sharpening your fur friend’s claws.

It is a paw-sitively pur-fect solution to keeping your cuties occupied while not giving up on style and trend. The Pet Rebels Anna 240 comes in a cappuccino plush with grey sisal.

Take playtime to new heights. Get your furry friend the Pet Rebel Anna 240 Cat Tree and up their game.


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