Montego Bags O’ Wags Barktastic Denties Dino


Roarsome Dinosaur on the loose! Bags O’ Wags Barktastic Denties Dino is a highly nutritious, fun-shaped dental treat for your pet precious. It is suited for adult dogs of all breeds to ensure fresh breath and healthy teeth.

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Ask any dog lover, and they will categorise the following reasons for giving treats:

  • Training treats: For extra-long sessions, cut treats into smaller pieces;
  • Comfort treats: This will also help puppies who are teething and dogs who like to gnaw on your shoes;
  • Healthy dog treats: or “functional food,” are a great way to give your pup a little something extra without feeding them actual vitamins; and
  • Just-Because-We-Love-Them Treats: just because your doggo is awesome!

Studies have shown that rewarding your dog with a treat could significantly decrease the time and sessions needed to learn various behaviours. Treats work better than praise or petting for learning new behaviours and help clean your dog’s teeth or aid digestion.

The Bags O’ Wags Barktastic Denties range of treats from Montego is famous for super-duper doggie treats when training your clever doggo or for a between-meal snack.

A Bags O’ Wags Barktastic treat is the perfect aid to the Montego Pet Nutrition dry or wet food range so that your doggo never has to be without any of his favourite food or snack.

Bags O’ Wags Barktastic Denties treats are made to the same high standards as all Montego Pet Nutrition products, prepared to perfection in our world-class facility and using only the finest ingredients.

Available in a box of 10.

Note: Treat only.

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INGREDIENTS: Tapioca starch, milk powder (lactose reduced), casein protein, glycerine, gelatine, poultry & fish oil,
calcium carbonate, sodium hexametaphosphate, cellulose, dried rosemary

ADDITIVES: SENSORY: Natural purple colourant (vegetable juice, citric acid, calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate,
ascorbic acid).

Typical Analysis

Crude protein 21%
Moisture 17.50%
Total fat 5%
Crude fibre 1.50%
Crude Ash 2.50%
Calcium 2%
Phosphorus 0.25%
Metabolisable energy 354 kcal/lOO g


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