Mikki Handy Feeder


Hand-feeding kittens and puppies should be carried out as mom would care for her babies but sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds. The Mikki Handy Feeder is great for feeding fluids and medication to small or young animals, who cannot yet feed themselves.

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The syringe pack of the Mikki Handy Feeder offers two syringes—one for thinner mixtures and one with a taper tip for thicker mixtures.

The Mikki Handy Feeder is also great for weaning young pups. Don’t overfeed! It is better to feed less and more often than to run the risk of diarrhea or sudden death. Feed until the tummy starts to distend. The stomach, should feel full but not stretched.

Feed your puppy or kitty upright on the sternum. Never hold a puppy or kitten on its back when nursing. They also need to be kept warm between feedings for proper digestion. After feeding, you will need to burp them to avoid issues with colic, just like a human baby! Moms will lick them in circles causing them to belch. Use your finger, and thump then lightly, keeping their head up, to help them get rid of gas bubbles. If they spit up after feeding, back off on the volume for the next feeding.

Syringe capacity is 14 ml.



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Weight 0.04 kg


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Small Animals


  • Non-toxic and dishwasher safe;
  • Choice of 2 tips.

Directions for use

Select the correct tip.

The nipple tip is for thinner mixtures and medication.

Depress the plunger fully into the barrel. Insert the tip into the fluid and then withdraw the plunger until you reach the desired amount.


The taper tip is for thicker mixtures and medication.

Remove the plunger. Pour the fluid into the barrel until you have the desired amount. Replace the plunger carefully to avoid ejecting any of the fluid.

Angle the feeding syringe towards your pet’s cheek to avoid choking and dispense slowly and gently.

Please note : when giving medications always double check the dosage.


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