Mikki Cat & Kitten Shampoo


Mikki Cat & Kitten Shampoo puts an end to the myth that felines don’t like bath time. Keep your kitties clean with this super gentle shampoo that leaves them with a healthy coat and smelling as sweet as crisp pear. 

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Cats certainly know how to groom themselves, but sometimes they need a proper bath to get rid of dirt and debris and to get them smelling clean and fresh. Mikki Cat & Kitten Shampoo is purrfect for the job!

It’s very gentle on your cat and kittens’ skin, which is thanks to the essential ingredients in the shampoo. It helps to clean your cat and kittens’ coats and keep them feeling smooth and smelling fresh. As gentle as it is, this cat and kitten shampoo should not be used on nursing cats nor on kittens younger than 8 weeks old.

Features of Mikki Cat & Kitten Shampoo

  • Low-foaming formula
  • Gentle grooming essential ingredients
  • Fresh and fragrant coat

Keep your cat and kittens clean and smelling of crisp pear!

More about the Mikki shampoo range

The Mikki shampoo range comprises a mild formulation with low-foaming characteristics to ensure your pet’s fur doesn’t dry out and their skin is not irritated by harsh chemicals. These shampoos balance the need for a clean pup with not bathing your dog too frequently and drying out their coat – ensuring their skin and fur remain soft, strong and healthy.

Each product in the shampoo range targets a specific challenge:

  • Super dirty dogs
  • Shedding fur
  • White coat issues
  • Sensitive skin
  • Puppy coat
  • Cats and kitten

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