Mikki Bamboo Soft Pin Slicker


The Mikki Bamboo Soft Pin Slicker brush is the perfect grooming tool to remove loose, dead hair as well as dirt and debris from medium, curly and thick coats. The angled pins trap the dirt and loosen tangles, helping your pet to shed its dead fur and maintain a clean, smooth, moulted coat.

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The Mikki Bamboo Soft Pin Slicker brush is ideal for tackling dirt and debris, tangles, knots, mats and anything that shouldn’t be on or in your pet’s fur coat. It works best on cats and dogs with medium-length, curly and thick coats.

Features of the Bamboo Soft Pin Slicker

  • Soft pins are gentle on your pet’s skin, but be aware of not raking right down to the skin
  • The slicker pins are angled to trap and pick up debris, cleaning the coat while you’re brushing
  • Handle designed for great grooming technique
  • Promotes shiny, healthy coat
  • Planet-friendly bamboo

Sizes: small and large

Which dog breeds does the Bamboo Soft Pin Slicker brush work best on?

Sheepdogs (border collie; rough collie), poodles, doodles and schnoodles, as well as spaniels and springer spaniels. Also cats with medium to longer fur.

Why choose bamboo products?

Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource. Combine this sustainability with the hand-made production process and recyclable packaging and you’ll see it’s environmentally friendly.

Mikki’s bamboo products are hand-made, which creates plenty of ethical jobs for people.

Pet-friendly design means a comfortable and efficient grooming technique for each product. The eco-friendly Mikki range has customised products for each breed and coat type.

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