Marltons Rolling Ball Interactive Cat Toy


Enrich your cat’s indoor foraging challenge – keeping her healthily entertained and mentally stimulated, satisfying her instinct without having to clean up after the successful hunting expedition. The Marltons Rolling Ball Interactive Cat Toy is a fun and functional interactive ball toy that will spark your feline’s attention and will keep her happily stimulated and entertained for hours on end.

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Cats are really into interactive play, and what is better than an entertaining ball toy with fur plush tail to grab your feline’s attention?

The Marltons Rolling Ball Interactive Cat Toy is a clever invention that keeps domesticated cats actively entertained by enticing their senses, intriguing their minds, and engaging their bodies in interactive play. It mimics a feline’s prey and entices her to exercise her foraging skills. It is an excellent toy to keep her mind sharp and her body in good shape. 

The Marltons Rolling Ball Interactive Cat Toy is made with pet-friendly quality materials and is built to outlast your cat’s foraging behaviour. It spins and rolls, engaging your cat’s attention and enticing her to swat, bat, stalk and bite. Put it on the floor and see how it sparks her attention. Trigger your feline’s senses and keep her stimulated and entertained—a fun playtime for both cat and pet owner.

The Marltons Rolling Ball Interactive Cat Toy is suitable for cats of all breeds and all ages. Keep your domesticated pet friend from falling into kitty depression by giving your time and attention.

The Marltons Rolling Ball Interactive Cat Toy comes in the dimensions of 7 cm x 8 cm x 8.5 cm.

The Marltons Rolling Ball Interactive Cat Toy is easy to clean. Wash it in warm, soapy water, rinse, and air dry.

This Cat Toy is crafted with care and has excellent longevity, but no toy is indestructible. Be sure to check this toy for wear and tear and remove and replace it once damaged. Cat toys are essential for helping our felines to be their best selves. Enhance the life of your cats and kittens with all the essentials you need to create a comfortable and stimulating environment.

Get your feline the Marltons Rolling Ball Interactive Cat Toy and strengthen the essential skills she needs to keep her overall wellness in tip-top condition. Enrich and brighten up your cat’s foraging experiences.

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