Marltons Gravel Cleaner


Marltons Gravel Cleaner is an easy-to-use, self-starting vacuum for fish tanks that allows you to clean your aquariums from excess gravel or sand.

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The handy Marltons Gravel Cleaner kit comes with an extra-long tube that extends easily, allowing you to reach all areas of your aquarium. This cleverly designed gravel vacuum cleaner makes for easy removal of unkempt waste and dirt layers from the gravel bed while leaving the gravel intact.

Easily suck up dirt in your aquarium with this innovative Marltons Gravel Cleaner. It easily lifts dirt and debris and releases clean sand back into your fish tank.

Marltons Gravel Cleaner is available in:

Small: 13 cm
Medium: 25 cm
Large: 41 cm

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Features and Benefits

  • Siphon tubing Aquarium vacuum cleaner;
  • Easily cleans gravel by removing dirt and debris;
  • Vacuums and suction.

Directions for use

  • Block the small tubing with your finger and fill it with aquarium water, making sure there are no bubbles;
  • Lower the siphon tube end into the water, and with the small tubing held over a bucket, siphon and suction the substrate floor till it’s clean;
  • Replace the water lost while cleaning.


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