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Does your dog or cat’s coat look dull or mated? Is there hair everywhere? Is your dog blessed with a double coat, your cat with a double- or triple-coat? Then it is time to help them not be weighed down, irritated and itchy with all that extra hair. Get the M-Pets Stylus Deshedding Brush to reach and rid them of those excessive loose hair. Not only will your home be less invaded with all the fur-fluff, but your pet will love you for revitalising their coat and skin. Radiant, Revitalised and Happier. Happy Pet, Happy Owner.

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Is your dog or cat shedding? Do you need a stylus de-shedding brush? There’s no way to stop your pets from shedding completely. All animals with hair will eventually shed hair from time to time. Some tend to shed seasonally, while others shed year-round. Dogs with longer coats or double coats tend to shed more often than cats with double- and triple-coats. Dead hair, which isn’t removed, will become matted, uncomfortable and itchy and may affect their skin condition in the long run.

Shaving your pets is not an option, as it can interfere with their natural self-cooling and self-warming mechanism. Therefore, facilitating the natural shedding process is detrimental to your pets’ skin-and-coat health.

The M-Pets Stylus Deshedding Brush does not cut hair but allows hair that has already detached from the hair follicle to be discarded. The M-Pets Stylus Deshedding Brush has a handle with a comfortable grip and fine stainless steel bristles to reach and remove the dead undercoat and shed hair without damaging the topcoat.

Grooming your pet with the M-Pets Stylus Deshedding Brush will stimulate blood circulation and distribute natural oils, while the removed hair will allow the skin to air.

Use the M-Pets Stylus Deshedding Brush on your pet for twenty minutes, once or twice a week, to remove the dead hair and give them that radiant, revitalised look.

Be sure first to use the M-Pets Bamboo Rake Comb to remove matts. Gently use the Stylus Deshedding Brush by brushing from the neck down to the tail.

The M-Pets Stylus Deshedding Brush is safe to use on various coats and long- and short-haired dogs.

The M-Pets Stylus Deshedding Brush comes in the sizes Small (16 cm x 5.5 cm) and Large (16 cm x 11 cm).

Your pet will be much happier with his softer, cleaner, thinner coat. And you will enjoy a less fluff-coated home.

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