Kurgo Mud Dog Shower


The Kurgo Mud Dog Shower is an essential doggy gadget every dog owner needs. It is a brilliant gadget that provides your dog with a quick and easy rinse function before getting back into the car or house. Use it after adventurous excursions to sandy beaches, dam swims and muddy off-road trails, or kindly help your dog cool off during a hot summer day hike. It can even come in handy when rinsing your dog after washing your dog or rinsing your kid’s sticky hands when on a road trip.

Get The Kurgo Mud Dog Shower and enjoy your adventurous expeditions with your canine friend without the backlash of him tracking mud and dirt into the car or house.

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Are you constantly thinking about the next outdoor adventure you can brave with your canine companion? Your canine loves that dam swim, mud puddle and strenuous hike that leaves him all sweaty, dirty, and muddy. You enjoy watching him being larger than life and do not want to put a caption on his wanderlust, but you would love a cleaner dog by the time you get back to your car or house.

The Kurgo Mud Dog Shower is a brilliant travelling accessory. It is just what you need to give your dog’s romp and paws a quick and easy rinse. The Kurgo Mud Dog Shower is a durable gadget constructed from PVA, BPA-free food-grade silicone. It is easy to use. Screw it onto a 2-litre plastic soda bottle, tip it over and give it a gentle squeeze to create a soft spray that can last over a minute.

Use it for watering plants, getting gunk off hands or shoes, or rinsing your dog during a hot summer trail or after his regular wash. Get one for the car, another at the entrance of your house, or carry one inside your backpack. The quick, easy, convenient and practical way to keep mud, dirt and debris from being tracked into your car and house.

The Kurgo Mud Dog Shower can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Now, what happens on the outdoor adventure can finally stay on the outdoor adventure. Keep on exploring the world together. Engage in memorable adventures along the beach, on hiking trails and through muddy puddles and keep your car and house free from mud, dirt and debris. Always keep a few bottles and a quick dry towel at hand in your car or at your entrance.

It is convenient to use at home, on hikes, road trips, camping expeditions and beach outings.

‎The Kurgo Dog Mud shower comes in the dimensions of 5.33 cm x 5.33 cm x 5.33 cm and weighs 40.81 grams.


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