Kit Cat Purr Puree Plus+ Skin & Coat Chicken


Looking for a tasty snack for your feline to enjoy? Then the Kit Cat Purr Puree Plus+ Skin & Coat Chicken is just the cat snack you want. Not only does this snack help as a topping for food too, but it also benefits your cat’s skin and coat and gives her a long and happy life.  

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The Kit Cat Purr Puree Plus+ Skin & Coat Chicken can be used as a disguise or topping for your cat’s tablets. You can even use these nutritious sachets as a daily yummy treat, which your cat will simply adore! This product contains carefully selected natural ingredients and is 100 % grain-free. The tasty puree has no added colours, preservatives and no pork or lard. 

The Kit Cat Purr Puree Plus+ Skin & Coat Chicken has lots of benefits for your cat to make sure she has a long and happy life. The smooth, tasty blend improves hydration, promotes joint flexibility and is suitable for cats of all life stages. This product also has added taurine and contains prebiotics, vitamin E and fish oil. 

The Kit Cat Puree Plus is formulated by nutritionists who are cat lovers because your cat only deserves the best. This product is also the world’s first functional liquid cat snack and is also a World Branding Awards winner for Brand Of The Year. 

The Kit Cat Purr Puree Plus+ Skin & Coat Chicken is available in 4 x 15 g packs and eight different flavours with four different functional health benefits. So no kitty is left behind.

Take care of your cat’s skin and coat in the yummiest way possible for your cat. Feed daily to rejuvenate skin and coat. 

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