JW Puppy Snail Chewy Teether


JW Puppy Snail Chewy Teether may soon become your puppy’s new spe-shell chew toy when he is in the process of teething. This soft rubber snail promises to bring your puppy some gentle relief from the pain and discomfort caused by erupting teeth and itching gums.

Keep him from chewing on personal belongings or possibly harmful household objects by giving him something that will massage his gums, soothe his nerves and keep him positively stimulated and happily engaged.

The JW Puppy Snail Chewy Teether is sure to gently and patiently endure the slow process of teething.

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JW Puppy Snail Chewy Teether is an adorable purple rubber snail teether that can constructively occupy your little pup from when his first teeth start to erupt till when his adult teeth come in at about six months.

Chewing on the soft bobble-textured non-toxic rubber snail will gently massage those itching and painful gums and help the little teeth to work their way through the gums.

It is a lovely aid in alleviating pain and discomfort and acts as a great calming aid in relaxing your pup and soothing his discomfort as chewing on it will activate the release of endorphins and release tension in his jaws.

Putting the JW Puppy Snail Chewy Teether in the freezer will help numb his gums when he initially gnaws on it. An effective alternative to keep him happily occupied and out of mischief.

The JW Puppy Snail Chewy Teether is a perfect chew toy suited for small dogs and teething puppies alike and comes in the size 8.9 cm x 2.5 cm x 6.4 cm.

The JW Puppy Snail Chewy Teether is a teether toy with great longevity, but as no toy is ever indestructible it is advisable to always check the toy for wear and tear and to remove and replace it when worn out. Teether toys are a necessity toy your little pup’s well-being. Keeping him happily occupied and his itching gums away from your personal belongings.

If the  JW Puppy Snail Chewy Teether remains after teething, feel free to use it as a toss-and-fetch toy as it has quite an erratic bounce to it that will intrigue your pup to a bonding time of interactive play.

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