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JOCK Value dog food offers an excellent all-round feeding solution for active and healthy dogs. It comprises JOCK’s protein-rich recipe with all the essential amino acids and added vitamins and minerals that dogs need to maintain a healthy body.

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JOCK Value is a nutritious and affordable feeding solution for dogs who love tasty kibble and enjoy all the benefits of a protein-packed, vitamin-enriched dog food. JOCK Value is complete and balanced nutrition made with high-quality natural ingredients – perfect for all dog breeds. Your dog will grow and maintain strong muscles thanks to the 10 essential amino acids, and the added vitamins C and E will support his immune system.

What’s in it?

JOCK Value is complete dog nutrition with a protein-rich formulation comprising the 10 essential amino acids. It also has added antioxidants (vitamins C and E) for strong immunity and longevity, and added minerals for bone strength.

Is this the right food for your dog?

JOCK Value is recommended for all dogs who need balanced and complete nutrition. From pedigree pups to magnificent mixed breeds, JOCK Value is all your dog needs for a healthy body and active mind.

How does your dog benefit?

JOCK Value offers the following benefits:

  • Muscle maintenance – Amino acids provide the perfect building blocks to develop and maintain healthy muscles for all dog breeds.
  • Immune boost – Added antioxidants protect your active dog’s body and provide support for strong immunity and good longevity.
  • Healthy skeletal structure – Added minerals support the maintenance of healthy and strong bones.

About JOCK Dog Food

JOCK Dog Food is a South African pet food brand and a proud member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa. JOCK Dog Food uses only the highest quality ingredients and their various product offerings are manufactured using strict ISO standards and quality controls. The JOCK product range provides superior nutrition targeted at the various stages of a dog’s life, and their Grandeur range is specifically developed for large breed dogs, who have unique growth and maintenance needs to smaller dogs. Their whole range offers affordable, locally manufactured premium brand dog food.

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  • Antioxidants for strong immune system and longevity.
  • Amino acid: Muscle development and maintenance of body function.
  • All the right minerals for a strong skeletal structure.


Cereals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat & Animal Derivatives, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fats & Oils, Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins and Approved Antioxidants. May contains at least 5% GMO

Feeding Guidelines




1 – 2 YEARS (grams)


3 – 7 YEARS (grams)


>7 YEARS (grams)


(3 – 6 HRS/DAY) (grams)

1 40 35 30 25 45
2-3 65-90 60-80 50-70 40-60 75-105
4-6 115-155 100-135 85-115 75-105 130-175
7-10 170-225 150-195 130-170 120-155 195-255
11-15 240-305 210-265 185-230 165-210 275-345
16-20 320-380 280-330 245-285 220-260 365-430
21-25 395-450 340-390 300-340 270-305 445-510
26-30 460-515 400-450 350-390 315-350 252-585
31-40 525-635 460-555 400-485 360-435 600-725
41-50 650-755 565-655 490-570 445-515 740-855
51-60 760-865 665-755 580-655 520-590 870-980
61-70 875-970 760-845 665-735 595-660 995-1100

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein 180 g/kg min
Moisture 100 g/kg max
Crude Fat 70 g/kg min
Crude Fibre 45 g/kg max
Crude Ash 85 g/kg max
Phosphorous 8 g/kg min
Calcium: Phosphorous 1-1.5:1 ratio
Organic Selenium 0.11 min
Vitamin C 50 mg/kg min
Vitamin E 62.5 mg/kg min


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