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Tiger Grass Organic Catnip is perfect for cats who love high quality catnip for stimulation or to supplement training new behaviours.


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Some cats go crazy over catnip, while others… don’t. If your cat is susceptible to the natural high induced by sniffing or ingesting catnip, then he or she will love the top quality Tiger Grass Organic Catnip.

The leaves need to be bruised, rubbed and squeezed in order for the nepetalactone to be released, so this catnip is great for stuffing into a purpose-made toy. Your cat will get the benefit of engaged play as well as the natural high from this stimulant. Sprinkle the catnip over a new play area or a cat scratching post to distract your cat from destructive scratching on your furniture. When ingested, nepetalactone becomes a sedative, so your cat
may drool, purr or roll around in a daze.

Use it as a much-loved cat treat… aaah!

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