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In the mid-80s, before the cat toy market was what it is today, show cat enthusiast Harriet would make stick-and-feather toys for her own show cats as well as her friends’ cats. Local interest in these toys increased and soon the whole family and even friends and neighbours pitched in to help produce the cat toys as they couldn’t keep up with the demand. As demand grew, the family had help from an entrepreneur and videographer whose skills helped to launch the Go Cat brand and get the toys into pet shops and pet industry trade shows. Many people who drove the growth of the brand in the 80s and 90s still occupy critical roles in the business today.

Go Cat’s original Da Bird toy is where it all started: a realistic feather toy that mimics the flight of a bird and really gets cats to respond actively and positively to the toy. Da Bird consists of a wand and string as well as the feather attachment. Go Cat’s range has extended to include a variety of different toys and attachments, catnip pillows, feather sticks, ticklers and sparklers, mice and other toys to bring out the best in cats.