Tetra Aqua Safestart


The Tetra Aqua Safestart helps establish and maintain ideal water conditions immediately when you set up your new aquarium. Establishing and accelerating correct bacteria, which are beneficial in removing dangerous toxins, like ammonia and nitrate, will ensure a safe freshwater aquarium that will host healthier, happier fish.

Reduce fish loss due to Ammonia and Nitrate build-up! The Tetra Aqua Safestart is a biologically active environment in an instant!

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You have set up your new aquarium and are on your way to introducing your new fish. Tetra® provides high-quality products to help seasoned fishkeepers and beginners maintain aquariums with happy and healthy fish. The Tetra Aqua Safestart is the best way to create and maintain a safe bio-active environment for your new aquatic friends.

The Tetra Aqua Safestart contains specially bred living bacteria that will reduce harmful ammonia and nitrate buildup tenfold, accelerating the establishment of healthy bacteria. The Tetra Aqua Safestart is the best way to recreate healthy freshwater conditions after treating fish with medicinal products or after every water change.

Safe Water, Healthy Fish!

After adding Tetra Aqua Safestart use the Tetra Test 6-in-1 to test your water values. If the water values are o.k according to the test strip, you can introduce your fish step by step. Prevent your fish from becoming stressed by first placing the transportation bag in the aquarium –  wait 10 minutes to give the water in the bag sometime to adjust to the temperature in the aquarium, then open the bag and open the bag and add some aquarium water into it. Do it 3 or 4 times before releasing the fish into the aquarium. To ensure that all important water values will be kept for fish and plants, you should change one-third of your aquarium water every four weeks.

It works well with Aquasafe as it establishes an ideal environment for bacteria, thanks to the Bio extract formula.

The Tetra AquaSafe Formula is ideal for speeding up the cycling process by accelerating the establishment of beneficial bacteria from the start.

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Shake Well.
To start new aquariums, add an entire bottle to aquariums up to 380 litres. The aquarium is then ready for fish. Consult your retailer for advice on the type and number of fish appropriate for your aquarium.
For healthy maintenance, add one teaspoon (5ml) for every 37litres when adding fish after water changes or replacing the filter media.
Tank Preparation: Condition tap water with Tetra AquaSafe®. Maintain a constant, appropriate water temperature in your aquarium.

For Aquarium use only, keep out of reach of children.


Purified water, Proprietary strains of: Nitrosomonas, Nitrosospira and Nitrospira.


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