Feliway Friends Refill


Use FELIWAY® FRIENDS Refill every month to continue to create harmony in your home, and avoid tension between your cats living together.

Helps your cats get along better at home. Continuous effect, ensures constant harmony.

Clinically proven, Veterinary used and recommended.

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What is the Feliway® Friends Refill?

The 48 mℓ refill vial contains a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (C.A.P) which delivers “harmony messages” to help cats live in harmony in

multiple cat homes. It has been proven to decrease the frequency and intensity of conflict and tension between multiple cats within the home. FELIWAY® FRIENDS Refill should never be used with another plug-in device.


Why should I buy this product?

If you have 2 or more cats living together and if they shows signs of tension like chasing, blocking, staring.

If your cats living together are fighting, even if they have been fighting for a long time.

FELIWAY® FRIENDS is the only product clinically tested in housemate cats conflicts and proven to help them live in harmony within the same home, by decreasing conflicts and tension between cats.


Which ingredients are used in Feliway® Friends Home Diffuser?

The vial contains 2% cat appeasing pheromone (C.A.P) analogue in a mineral oil paraffin base (excipient).


From what age can I use this on my cat?

You can use this product from an early age, right after you acquire your new kitten.


What are the package sizes available?

FELIWAY® FRIENDS Refill is available in a 48 mℓ vial, which lasts up to 30 days. Replace the vial when empty.

The diffuser unit should be replaced after six months use or after using six refills.


Is Feliway® recommended by Vets?

FELIWAY® is used and recommended by vets.

The efficacy of FELIWAY® has been proven in numerous clinical studies published in reputable scientific journals or presented at international conferences.

Millions of cat owners around the world have noticed a difference in their cat’s behaviour while using FELIWAY®.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg





Easy to use. Just plug and play: screw the vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket.

FELIWAY® FRIENDS helps your cats live in harmony and avoid tension, conflict and fighting.

Trusted and recommended by vets.

Lasts 30 days.

How to use the Feliway® Friends Refill

Remove the vial cap.

Srew the diffuser onto the vial.

Plug the diffuser into an electric socket and switch on continuously for one month in the room/s where cats spend most of their time resting and lounging.

Often cat owners will consider plugging the diffuser where cats fight or have conflicting encounters. This is actually not recommended as the cats may not get an adequate opportunity for exposure prior to an escalated state of arousal. In addition, such a location is not where cats spend most of their time: this would not allow them to benefit from the longest exposure to the comforting pheromone. Optimal placement would allow the cats to be exposed in advance of conflict with sufficient opportunity to be influenced by the appeasing message.

The diffuser should be plugged in preferably at floor level.

Leave the diffuser plugged in continuously for at least 4 weeks. Ensure continuous harmony with FELIWAY® FRIENDS by using a new refill every month. The diffuser should be checked monthly and replaced every six months to ensure optimum effect.

Do not cover or place under furniture or under any object protruding from the wall. This may impair the diffusion of FELIWAY® FRIENDS and/or leave residual marks (due to accumulation of the excipient).

Minimum clear distance above diffuser = 1,20 m

Do not plug below any electrical device.

Do not plug in upside down.

Do not use near air-conditioning units, vents, cold air returns or exhaust fans as it may increase the diffusion rate.

Do not use any other plug-in air freshener, home fragrance spray, oil burner or diffuser in the same room as the product as it may affect the efficacy.

Do not plug in in hallways as cats spend very little of their time here.

If conflict between cats frequently occurs in a hallway, distribution of the cats’ resources should also be reconsidered within the home, to make sure each cat has an easy and free access to a litter box, food and water bowl, resting area, without being potentially blocked by another cat.

If the conflict between your cats is associated to urine spraying or scratching in the home, both FELIWAY® Friends and FELIWAY® CLASSIC are recommended. The two diffusers should be plugged where cats spend most of their time resting and lounging. They can be plugged in the same room.


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